…. Hearing Music

Trying to understand it is your first mistake..

Music is what it is.. it can be written on a page to be performed/recreated, but annotation is music’s most alien incarnation.. It is born in the air in one moment, and that moment can fall on ears that perceive and reverberate with its expression or ears that simply cannot decode its brilliance. Often listeners are unaware of the context in which music is created and what forces bring it in to existence..

As a performer who is quick to criticise at times (in my off moments), I often need to remind myself that ‘I probably don’t understand how or why it was created’ and that, in its essence, music is an inner expression which should ultimately be respected and applauded.

I find that listening to music is not about taking in melodies, because, to true musicians (instrumentalists or not) that is as natural as breathing in most cases.
True appreciation comes from accepting the artist within his/her creative environment and attempting to understand the circumstances that surrounded the moments in which it was created..

Truly great music does not care what you think .. but it does care that you ‘only heard it on a rough demo tape’ or on ‘saw it on a page’, because, in most cases it may as well not even exist as musical expression in those forms.

To strive for ‘great music’ is not easy as that concept revolves solely between the composer and the composition .. Whatever escapes that realm should be accepted and appreciated beyond compare (literally).

To strive to be ‘as great as…’ is a popularity contest which, to it’s credit, has a genuine motive. To touch the lives of many and to effect emotion (influence people to love, cry, laugh, smile etc.) is an honourable goal, but, promoting simplicity and accessibility to achieve this is not, and will never be, anywhere near the totality that the ‘art of music’ can offer.

I love it when people like my sounds / ideas but I always feel that as soon as I get that validation, that the music is no longer mine and its value is lost to a social domain.

Hope you get the point of this?! :S
I could ramble on and what I’ve written probably doesn’t read as proper ‘England’ but that’s my 2 cents and I’m really happy I tried to write it down..

Thoughts / responses greatly appreciated. 😀

Raaaaaaaaaaaaah! :D



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