Day One…

“Pop music is like a cat meme.. It used to be you could just appreciate a picture .. now you need a caption to make you laugh!”
That’s mine… You can use it if you want to.

‘On Music and Me..’

As a musician who has made/played all my life (I have a degree too.. Flash I know!) I would LOVE to earn a good living from music, doing what I love and “living the dream”… but I always find myself stifled when it comes to pushing myself.
It’s not just moving forward/creating more and honing skills, but it’s being confident enough to say “Here’s my music. I invest my time and energy in it without thinking it’s a waste” too. It’s hard to see a happy medium (moving forward) in a business sense, being able to monetize efforts and have ‘The Dream Job’ so naturally I get disheartened too..

So here’s what I’m doing… I’m getting organised on my own ass…

I used to fly round the PC screen with ideas bursting out of my head and I was able to make some sense of them, so I’m going to get back to that and then exceed it.
I’m currently a little low on tech / recording equipment so you might need to bear with me for a while.
That’s not procrastination or an excuse!
I love to create music and contribute to the ideas of others. It’s a compulsion that I have and it makes me happy!.. I guess I’m more of an enabler than an artist in my own right.. SO FAR, but I’m here now, and I’m gonna push myself to the limit. I’ll make sure that ideas of my own get committed to tape and get the exposure so that I can truly see what ‘could be’. It’ll be even better if people enjoy the sounds cos lets face it, that’s what we’re all in this for!

I’ve recently been managing Carly Dee’s catalogue, setting up rights management / royalties in the US etc. and acting on the business side of things has changed my perspective and motivated me again.
.. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, money is a motivator but believe me, my passion for the pastime FAR outweighs the financial carrot! I’m also very much looking to get involved in Syncs for TV ads/programmes and radio etc. cos honestly, now my eyes are open, it’s more possible than you think!

So I’m going for it, there’s my creative mission statement; In summary, GET YOURSELF OUT THERE AND HEARD! :D.. YESTERDAY!
I’m really looking forward to some organised and channelled creativity so I guess you’ll see me around.

‘On listening…’

I listen to many different types of music; not like when people say “a bit of everything” – and what they actually mean is “I’m a rock fan so I listen to ‘rock’ with many different preceding adjectives”..
I love a bit of classical, jazz, blues, rock and roll, prog, bits of world music and even musicals and rap. So I’d say its pretty eclectic. I enjoy and appreciate it all.

I love new independent music and I’m here to listen, comment, like, repost and RT if I enjoy something.. Really enjoy hearing new music cos EVERYONE should be encouraged to express themselves through music… It’s a second language after all!.. So hit me up.. If I should follow you.. Tweet me/Find me on SoundCloud .. MAKE YOUR SOUND KNOWN, cos YOU should be doing it too!

Rock on.
Thanks for reading!



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