Figure by Propellerhead

Figure by Propellerhead iOS App...

Discovered this app whilst searching for my favourite music sequencing software developer ‘Propellerhead’ on the App Store.. and now I can’t get enough of it… The possibilities are endless(!)…. I’ve become a complete ‘pocket music junkie’ so check out some samples / ideas below!

This is an amazing tool!.. Perfect for sketching out ideas if you make electronic music, if you don’t and you’re simply a music fan, you can make a loop or start jamming in under a minute..!
This app takes music creation everywhere bridging the gap between entertainment on the go and full-on music production.

All instruments can be played live or recorded so there’s a million and one scenarios this can work in when it comes to live music.

Then there’s exporting and using possibly THE most powerful collection of software synths on the planet within any other iOS ‘audio copy’ or ‘audiobus‘ enabled apps (including GarageBand etc.).
I have always admired the versatility and diversity of Propellerhead soft-synths.

Last but not least sharing your sounds with the world couldn’t be easier with an integrated SoundCloud interface / API.

It’s just immense and every geek / Muso with an ‘i-Thing’ should download it now.. It’s a bargain and it will never leave you bored in silence again! 😀

Get it!




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