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It’s been a while…

I studied music from an early age and aside from live performances and compulsory submissions for college and university I have always struggled severely to find satisfaction in my own ideas and sounds. I think I’m finally moving on from that stage though (I hope), because I’ve realised that ‘if I can’t be confident about my output then who will’?!
This struggle may become all too obvious to followers / readers now as my ‘silence’ (lack of output) becomes apparent. For over a year now I have been hiding from my fear and underconfidence. I have used Figure to create some great sounds, but as you may know these loops are 30-40 seconds long (at most) and as they are so short and ‘casual’ it was easy for me to justify sharing them so often, with the knowledge that they were always unfinished, and could be improved upon, all the time thinking “they’re here and I’m proud of them at this moment”! That thought has always faded, sometimes it took days, sometimes only minutes.

I need to have more confidence in my musical capabilities. I am proud of the melodies, harmony and hooks that I have composed throughout this time, so as a closure to this chapter I compiled a collection of short tracks or ‘Moments’ and decided to release them as my first ever album on Bandcamp.

Compiling this collection has helped me realise that my ideas can be significant and can really amount to something. They are ‘out there’ as an entity and are standing up to be counted.

…so from now on I will be making every second count and every note or beat will be there because it should be!

Trying to conquer Reason 7 has been tough.. and finding the time has been even harder but there are some ideas cooking and the loops are flowing from Figure more rigorously than ever so keep an eye out for some new tracks maybe even songs.. (Carly Dee might be making some sweet sounds too!)




My track ‘Jingl8-Bits’ has been selected to be Figure of the week for Christmas 2013!!
Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

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Figuring out an enigma…

Finally cracked it...!
Recently I have been out of the live music loop so to speak [see Live Music Loop].
Carly Dee and I have been busy with a new baby girl for nearly a year now and it’s been really hard for us to find time to write / create / record etc.
Lately I have turned to my trusty smartphone for a minor creative outlet [See “Propellerhead Figure” blog post]. I started a SoundCloud account so that I could share the sounds from my iPhone in one place.

Figure Interface

It’s only tinkering but hey, it’s an outlet and the creative product belongs to me.

Last week I logged on with the intention of updating some info / graphics on the Prolific/Figure account. To my astonishment I had received 42 downloads from my SoundCloud stream. “Amazing!” I thought.. but is it?!?! …

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