Super Mario Land

Got this at the weekend. Such an amazing feeling reliving your very first experience of this handheld.. and the AMAZING midi sounds that went along with it!!


… Variations on a theme …

So here’s a bit of an exercise I set myself using Reason.

I had an instrument set and a set number of tracks .. I had already composed a short loop / structure to ‘The Plan Minus’, the main theme being the now understated vocoder line “Time to rethink the plan”. Then I thought.. ‘What if I could turn this minor track into the polar opposite?’, I know it sounds a bit camp but … sort of a ‘hug in a box’?!?
I kept the beat / tempo, instruments and structure the same (or near as dam it) and then set about composing the second (The Plan Plus – My favourite)
Quite fun doing this I must admit 😀

Have a listen and see if you can spot differences / similarities:
(Ps: I’m REALLY fond of the retro game ‘random’ middle eight in ‘The Plan Plus’ and the last 8 bars! See what you think..?!)

Day One…

“Pop music is like a cat meme.. It used to be you could just appreciate a picture .. now you need a caption to make you laugh!”
That’s mine… You can use it if you want to.

‘On Music and Me..’

As a musician who has made/played all my life (I have a degree too.. Flash I know!) I would LOVE to earn a good living from music, doing what I love and “living the dream”… but I always find myself stifled when it comes to pushing myself.
It’s not just moving forward/creating more and honing skills, but it’s being confident enough to say “Here’s my music. I invest my time and energy in it without thinking it’s a waste” too. It’s hard to see a happy medium (moving forward) in a business sense, being able to monetize efforts and have ‘The Dream Job’ so naturally I get disheartened too..

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