Figuring out an enigma…

Finally cracked it...!
Recently I have been out of the live music loop so to speak [see Live Music Loop].
Carly Dee and I have been busy with a new baby girl for nearly a year now and it’s been really hard for us to find time to write / create / record etc.
Lately I have turned to my trusty smartphone for a minor creative outlet [See “Propellerhead Figure” blog post]. I started a SoundCloud account so that I could share the sounds from my iPhone in one place.

Figure Interface

It’s only tinkering but hey, it’s an outlet and the creative product belongs to me.

Last week I logged on with the intention of updating some info / graphics on the Prolific/Figure account. To my astonishment I had received 42 downloads from my SoundCloud stream. “Amazing!” I thought.. but is it?!?! …

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